Tropical Queensland Orchid Council Inc.
Everything you need to know.
The Tropical Queensland Orchid Council (TQOC)  is the peak body of orchid societies located north of the Tropic of Capricorn here in Queensland, Australia. At present, 14 societies from throughout Tropical Queensland are members of the TQOC.

The 50th Anniversary of TQOC book is now available for purchase at $25. Contact the President or Secretary for more information or to purchase your copy.

The objects of the council are:
To coordinate activities in Tropical Queensland and to foster close co-operation between Orchid Societies and Associations.
To work in close co-operation with other Orchid Councils.
To disseminate knowledge of Orchids.

The TQOC recognizes that many of its members are interested in foliage plants as well as orchids and it encourages this interest by including a foliage section in its annual conference shows.

Member societies of the TQOC host conferences and shows at different venues throughout Tropical Queensland.
In 2016 the TQOC conference and show was held in Ayr by the Ayr and District Orchid and Allied Plant Society Inc.
The 2017 TQOC conference and show was held in Townsville from 9th to 11th Jun 2017, to coincide with the Townsville Orchid Society's 70th birthday celebrations.
The next orchid conference and show will be held in Mackay, Queensland from 1st to 3rd July, 2022.